prepFAST For USP <232> & <233>

prepFAST For USP 232 and 233

Automated Elemental Analysis for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Learn more on USP 232 & 233 The prepFAST inline autodilution system with ICP and ICP-MS, fully automates USP <233> methods. The prepFAST can:

  • dilute a single stock standard to build linear calibration curves;
  • dilute samples to the appropriate TDS;
  • spikes samples at user defined J values.

The USP Chapter <232> defines a target (J) value as a function of PDE (μg/day) and a drugs daily dose (g/day), whereas Chapter <233> outlines specific protocols for the determination of toxic metals by ICP/ICP-MS. USP <233> requires a calibration curve and a series of QC validation protocols including spike recovery, accuracy, precision and stability tests to be based on the target values (J).

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Automated Sample Dilution

Auto “J” Spiking